Faith Hope Love

Faith Hope Love


Escape and migration have many faces, and people feel compelled to leave their homes for many reasons. Some have to migrate because of war, others because of political or religious persecution. For many people leading a life of prosperity, the problems and feelings of refugees are a far cry from their everyday lives. This Austrian aid project is designed to make faith, hope and love a part of everyday life while helping refugees who flee from violence and war before reaching Austria.

2016-04-06_claudine_1658 copy The designs are related to the socio-critical work called
‘Faith Hope Love’ by Ödon von Horvath, the Austrian-Hungarian author who fought against social injustice. The commission of all sales are donated to the Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst (refugee relief foundation) in order to finance consulting, training, health care and accommodation for refugees in Austria.

The initiative “Faith Hope Love” tries to give migration a face and tells the stories of refugees or immigrants and their children who found a new home in Vienna.

project coordinator & designer: Cornelia Seirer
photographer: Michael Seirer









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