Orienteering Competition with the DoFloBrothers

O-Ringen, the world’s biggest Orienteering competition took place in Arvika, Sweden, between 22-28 July. About 15,000 competitors from all over the world come to Sweden every year to take part in this unique sport event. Just watching the event will set your whole body on fire, and it’s an indescribable feeling to run through the Swedish forest when taking part.

DoFloBrothers at O-Ringen in Sweden

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The Moon Village

A robotics club from Cholet, France – Le Club Robotique Choletais – took part in the European Robotics Cup for a third time running. The competition is designed to foster scientific and technological advancement, and the young robotics team contributed two self-built robots. This year’s theme of the competition is Moon Village, and the robots are all set to complete a mission by conquering the moon. The Moon Village challenge was issued by ESA (European Space Agency) in March 2016 and is scheduled to take place in 20 years’ time. The goal is to set up a permanent camp on the moon’s surface while gathering resources on site. An international collaboration program is pooling the knowledge and competencies of multiple disciplines of all countries involved. The Moon Village project will be the first step towards populating space.

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A Taste for the Good Life

Maintaining a healthy diet helps you improve your physical condition and keep your weight in check. You’re also bound to boost your energy levels and sense of happiness. Changing your eating habits can be a daunting task, however, as it means having to adjust to new tastes and discipline.

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Supporting Young People to Create Social Change in Ireland

One for Ireland – a unique youth-run fundraising campaign to bring together retailers, media and businesses ventures and charities – fosters youth projects all over Ireland. In just two years, One for Ireland has raised almost €300,000 and supported 13 charities nationwide. Once a year the NGO aims to make a difference for the most pressing youth projects by raising funds from €1 donations received in a matter of 4 days.One for Irland T-Shirt-Sponsoring von Spreadshirt

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You Won’t Die Alone

Hospice ADVENA is a care facility for terminally ill people of 18 years or older. Hospices in Germany do not receive state subsidies, and this is why ADVENA depends on collecting monthly donations to continue to exist. This year, the hospice celebrates its 20th birthday, making it count among the oldest hospices in Leipzig. This year’s anniversary campaign “You won’t die alone” is designed to raise awareness for the hard work of the hospice.

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Spreadshirt’s Running Team Put Haters In Their Place

Spreadshirt’s running team laid down a marker against hate and discrimination at Leipzig’s annual company run. Coinciding with International T-Shirt Day on June 21st, it was a perfect occasion to wear running t-shirts taking an unequivocal stand. Some 60 runners had their shirts adorned with big letters and creative slogans to compete in the race against bullying, racism and hate online.

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Bringing Hope and Change to a Small School in Rural Pakistan

Part of a larger Hospital project, the Pakistani primary school originated in 2011 to provide quality education at primary level to the children of hospital staff and minority communities. The area they live in has some of the lowest literacy levels in Pakistan – less than 33% of the children in year 5 are able to read a full sentence (ACER Pakistan, 2015). The entire population has a literacy rate of 38%, which clearly indicates the need of improved education

The English-medium school currently has some 50 students, 7 teachers and a classroom assistant to support children with an illiterate background initially. It is estimated that about 50% of the children attending the school belong to the first generation of their family to receive any education at all. While the children’s families pay nominal tuition fees, the school relies on donations from abroad in order to keep going – most of these come from one single foundation. Thanks to their generous donations, the school can provide an ever-improving standard of education at a low cost.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Was founded in 2017 by Christopher Woodward and Emilie Travers who are both acting as advocates for dementia. They organise a variety of fundraising activities and awareness evenings in order to raise money for the charity Dementia UK and bring about awareness of dementia.

Spreadshirt supported the two with t-shirts so that they are properly equipped for their fundraising activities. One of their events are coffee mornings where people can come along and chat to share their stories. Chris sand Emily help people by giving them valuable information and important phone numbers should they need any help. The two friends volunteered to set up this group and they have a lot of passion but nevertheless they are always looking for people to help and join in with their projects.

Lovers gonna Love

The internet and social networks offer us the possibility to create, publish, distribute and consume media content, fostering a space of participation, engagement and self-expression. At the same time, social networks are increasingly prone to produce hate speech and human rights violations. The No Hate Speech Movement aims at raising awareness for this issue, but also supports targeted individuals and offers help to counter hate speech online.

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