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The Friday Funny: Baseball Edition

The Friday Funny: Baseball Edition

There’s nothing quite like it: spring is here and that means one thing… no, not the beautiful weather, birds, flowers and green grass….. BASEBALL! America’s pastime has returned. The home runs, the walk offs, the stolen bases, the plays at the plate, the hot dogs, the drama. Yes, my fellow baseball fans, it’s back.

Whether you live in the northeast and your sox are red, you reside in Florida and are torn between the Marlins and the Rays, or you make your home out on the west coast and root for the Giants, Dodgers, A’s or any of the 12 other teams they have out there, you are touched by the beast that is Major League Baseball.

Now everyone knows how important it is to wear your team’s colors to the game or even as you watch them from the comfort of your couch. Everyone also knows that getting your gear from your local stadium can be WAYYYY TOOOO PRICEY. Lucky for you, Spreadshirt’s got a ton of baseball-themed designs to help fill your baseball gear need.

Check out these awesome baseball-themed designs. There are a ton of cool designs in here that you won’t find anywhere else– not at the stadium, not on the team’s website, NOWHERE else but Spreadshirt. Check ‘em out. Last well known fact: being 1 of 40,000 people at the ballpark with a unique t-shirt on that no one else has is pretty darn cool.

Happy Opening Day, everyone!

Weekly Spread: Get ‘em while they’re cold

It’s been a long, hard, FREEZING winter. We’ve ALL been kicked around a little bit by the notorious Polar Vortex. Snow has landed everywhere from California to the New York Island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters… This land was made… Sorry. Got a little caught up there. In any case, get your hands on some of this season’s coolest designs.

Designer relief couldn’t have said it any better with this “Let it snow somewhere else” design. Kids, don’t try this at home, but shirttales’ design will really stick with you! And let everyone know that you’re a survivor with Funks Amazon’s triumphant “I Survived the Polar Vortex of 2014″ design.

Get ‘em while they’re cold!

The Weekly Spread

Welcome back to the Weekly Spread!  It’s November, and you know what that means…Movember!  This week, we’re showcasing some of our top mustache designs to celebrate the month of the stache.  Enjoy!

The vintage mustache is always a winner.  No Shave November battles with Movember for November supremacy.  And the super mustache strikes again.

Why choose one mustache when you can have them all?  And don’t confuse save with shave the whales.

Thanks to all our wonderful designers for this week’s edition of the Weekly Spread.

The Weekly Spread

Celebrate National Chemistry Week with us!  We’re definitely feeling the chemistry with these designs.

Chemistry can be cute when using lovable flasks.  It can also make you hungry for breakfast.  And don’t forget your chemistry equipment!

Did you know that the word “Irish” is made up of four elements from the periodic table?  And here’s a shocking revelation about chemists doing it periodically.

Thanks to all our wonderful designers for this week’s edition of the Weekly Spread.

The Weekly Spread

It’s time for the Weekly Spread. We’re gearing up for Halloween this week. Here are some designs that really creep us out!

The body organ design is always a classic.  The pumpkin head wants to know if it’s Halloween yet.  And those monster eyes are just plain creepy.

This Halloween party comes with a touch of evil and a dash of cute.  And sometimes even Halloween costumes aren’t immune to the struggling economy.

Thanks to all our wonderful designers and good luck creating your Halloween costumes!

The Weekly Spread

Welcome back to our Weekly Spread!  This week, in honor of National CD Player Day we decided to showcase some of our best musically inspired designs from a bygone era.  Enjoy!

Ah the mixed tape.  Nothing said “You’re important to me” more than a good old mixed tape.  And the phonograph is definitely old school, unless you’re Thomas Edison.  Who knew that the periodic element for the CD player was Cadmium?

The iPod seems to have forgotten its heritage.  And those that forget history are doomed to repeat it (although we’re not quite sure how that applies here).

Thanks to all our wonderful designers!

The Weekly Spread

Welcome back to our Weekly Spread, the place where we showcase some hot designs from our talented design community!  This week, we’re paying homage to our furry little feline friends!  So check out these interesting cat designs.

Magnaen imagines what it would be like if astronauts encountered space cats.  Tattoooo has a problem with a scratching kitty.  And Hayden Rogers ponders dying alone with 72 cats.

Googolplex11 waters cats.  And Look Human loves a good cat pun.

Thank you to our very talented designers!

The Weekly Spread

And we’re back.  After a few weeks’ hiatus the Weekly Spread is back and raring to go.  This week, we are showcasing some movie-inspired designs.

Rude8oi takes us back in time with 1.21 gigawatts.  Matti B wants to help save Ferris.  And Scurvy reminds us to sweep the leg when you’re in the Cobra Kai.

Does anyone know where Milton’s red stapler is?  Or if milk was a bad choice?

See if you know which movies these designs got their inspiration from.  And congratulations to all our wonderful designers!

Trending on Spreadshirt

Trending in the Spreadshirt marketplace right now: our ‘Merica t-shirts.  It’s all about patriotism for the greatest country the world has ever seen.  And that can be taken with or without a dose of sarcasm.  Because ‘Merica, that’s why!  Our ‘Merica t-shirts are full of fried food designs, absurd political claims, and some unheard of ‘Merican words.  Just because the Fourth of July passed doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the birth of freedom any day of the year.

The Weekly Spread

The Weekly Spread is back and pun-ier than ever!  This week, we’re showcasing our love of puns.  Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good pun every now and then?

The Laundry Factory has a one night stand, Gandalf is trying his hat at parsing, and Danny K51 thinks bananas are a-pealing.

Yogi Bear is taking some yoga classes.  And it’s just another day at the office for the smart cookie.

Congratulations again to all our wonderful designers!  Stay tuned for next week’s Weekly Spread!

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