Publish internationally: Q&As

In October we announced a new account view and changes with regard to international publishing of designs and products. Thank you for your feedback!

The devil’s in the detail, so we’ve brought our ducks in order and scheduled our next steps. Translations of already existing designs as well as a new page for publishing designs will most likely go online this month. Should anything change, we will inform you on the blog this week. And we are going to implement all other changes early in 2014.

Why that, you may ask? We always carry out big platform changes by mid November so the Christmas shopping season can run as smooth as a hot knife through butter afterwards.

We’ve been collecting your input over the past weeks, and we’ve put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions here:

Do the changes have an effect on my shop?

No. All changes only affect how your account can be viewed and how you can publish designs internationally.

Will all products uploaded to my user account be published automatically?

No. Products that you haven’t published on the Marketplace will not be added automatically.

Will designs from the North-American platform (.com) be automatically offered on European platforms and vice versa?

No. International publishing is limited to either region. ‘International’ here means that designs published on the .net platform are offered on all European Marketplaces, and designs on the .com platform are offered in the United States and Canada.
Transferring designs and products between .com and .net is currently not possible due to technical reasons, and there are also fundamental legal issues making this impossible. Of course you can still offer your designs in both regions if you set up a user account in both areas.

Design names and tags can be translated automatically. What’s with the tags?

Right, design names and tags can be automatically translated and (if necessary) edited.
You can ascribe up to ten tags per design. These are available in all languages as we use the equivalent tags in the respective target language. Our database currently has a total number of 23,000 labels. And you can choose three additional tags that will not be translated.

The new detail page for designs gives you the chance to choose whether you want to offer your designs on all Marketplaces of your region or just on one alone. What do I need to do if I want to offer my designs in only a few selected countries?

It still works the way it used to: You can start by adding your design to your local region, and then select another country by adding it through the language menu.

What happens to designs for which I have already created translations myself? Will these be translated again?

No. Our system only translates design names and tags wherever they haven’t been given already. We will not overwrite user data.

Does translating design names and tags not lead to an overflow of foreign designs in countries that have no real need for these?

The community of bigger countries is very active, and many designs are suitable for the international market. Publishing existing designs for all available languages will bring about a positive effect in terms of growing content, particularly for smaller markets (Poland, Italy, Finland).
Of course, this also implies that e.g. designs containing German slogans will be available on e.g. the Swedish Marketplace. But it is the customer who decides what’s interesting, and this has a direct influence on the ranking.

Will all currently available products be published internationally?

No, only products that have proven to be popular will be added to further Marketplaces. This selection comprises about 18,000 designs and the products they have been adorned with.

I want to make suggestions for improving the account view!

Great! Our Partner Team looks forward to receiving suggestions, updates will not be made until 2014 though.

In case you have any further questions, please leave your feedback here on the blog!

2 Responses to “Publish internationally: Q&As”

  1. 1 by Topseller | Nov 11th, 2013 at 1:00 pm
    Gravatar of Topseller

    “Will designs from the North-American platform (.com) be automatically offered on European platforms and vice versa?


    Disappointing. This was the one thing I was really excited about with these changes.

  2. 2 by Mark | Nov 11th, 2013 at 5:43 pm
    Gravatar of Mark

    I agree with Topseller above. I also only care about making it easier to move designs from my .com store to my .net stores. I don’t use the Marketplace to sell anything, designs or products.

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