The Custom T-Shirt Facts

At Spreadshirt, it’s perfectly normal to be obsessed with custom t-shirts.  We are, after all, a custom t-shirt company.  So it didn’t surprise anyone when we decided to take a closer look into the history of the custom t-shirt as well as tried to uncover some of the more unique facets of the humble t-shirt.

What we found was pretty cool: like how the first custom t-shirt was actually printed in 1939 and used on the set of The Wizard of Oz.  It seems that the I Heart design really fit the Tin Man well.  Or how about the fact that until the 1950s, custom t-shirts were typically regarded as undershirts not to be worn by themselves?  Could you imagine no “Keep Calm” t-shirts or “Cool Story Bro” designs for the world to see?

Check out some of the other custom t-shirt facts below in the following Spreadshirt infographic.  And don’t forget to check out the latest custom t-shirt happenings at Spreadshirt here.

facts and history about custom t-shirts

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