DIY-Creative Ways to Reuse your old T-Shirt

DIY-Creative Ways to Reuse your old T-Shirt

As a huge fan of all things T-Shirt related and with Earth Day right around the corner, We’ve collected some super creative ideas on how to reuse an old t-shirt or add some extra flair to one of your favorites. Did I also mention that all of these projects cost nearly nothing- perfect for all of us on a budget!!

Courtesy of our friends at Pinterest-Turn your tee into a cute and sexy summer tank. Only requires a pair of scissors and some ribbon, no SEWING required. Simply cut off sleeves, neckline and bottom hem, tie the back and VOILA!

Saved by Love Creations has compiled a list of 50 ideas of how to reuse your t-shirt. My personal two favorites are are the t-shirt tote bag from Instructables. Only supplies needed are a few pins, a pencil, a dinner plate, sewing machines, scissors and of course a t-shirt. The end result is a sturdy bag perfect for grocery shopping!

My other favorite from Savedbylovecreations is converting an old over-sized t-shirt into a skirt. Only supplies needed other than a t-shirt are a sewing machine, a pencil, scissors and a 3″ elastic waistband. A little cutting and sewing and you have the perfect cotton summer skirt!

The last idea doesn’t necessarily need to be done with an old t-shirt but instead with one of your favorites that needs a little updating. Plumadorable shares how by using a bleach pen and a stencil can transform your t-shirt instantly into a vintage looking graphic tee.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Page where we have collected some other ideas on how to reuse your t-shirt. Happy reusing and Happy Earth Day!

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