Elvis Ranch $6.5 Million, Headline T-shirt of Elvis Ranch for $15

Elvis Ranch $6.5 Million, Headline T-shirt of Elvis Ranch for $15

The ranch that was once owned by Elvis Presley and is now called the Elvis Ranch by the residents of Horn Lake, Mississippi is for sale. Elvis bought the place a few months before he married Priscilla in 1967.  Priscilla and Elvis spent some time there after they were married.  You can purchase the 154.5 acre ranch for $6.5 Million.   GoogleEarthHacks has photo of the ranch here.

I was hoping to find some more history about the ranch but there doesn’t seem to much info beyond what is in the CNN report here.

If $6.5 Million is a little out of your price range you can order the CNN headline t-shirt for just $15.

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1 Response to “Elvis Ranch $6.5 Million, Headline T-shirt of Elvis Ranch for $15”

  1. 1 by Rebekah | Oct 20th, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    Gravatar of Rebekah

    Just tweeted you about this….
    When Elvis bought it, it was called TWINKLE DOWN FARM.
    Elvis bought it and named it Circle G for Graceland.
    Later, he had to rename it due to copyright infringements. So he changed it to CIRCLE FLYING G. At least that is what I read.

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