The Friday Funny: Christmas T-Shirts Edition

The Friday Funny: Christmas T-Shirts Edition


You know what I always loved? The ol’ Christmas t-shirt gift gag. There’s just something so perfect about giving someone a funny Christmas t-shirt and watching them open it as everyone sits around tree watching their every move. You get to watch the gamut of emotions cross their face: the excitement stage when they grab their gift from under the tree, the anticipation stage as they unwrap it, the “Cool! A t-shirt” stage as they pull it out of the box and the “Oh no, they’re going to make me put this on” disappointment stage when they realize what’s printed on front. That last one’s the best, no doubt. ;)

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Beards, Beards Everywhere and Not a Razor in Sight!

Beards, Beards Everywhere and Not a Razor in Sight!

You know…. I didn’t like my beard at first, but it grew on me! :)

Beards have been around since the dawn of man. They have warmed the faces of everyone from cavemen and kings to presidents and athletes, and just about every other type of man in between. It wasn’t until recently, though, that the beard has taken on a kind of folkloric mysticism that has enchanted and delighted men, women and children from all walks of life.

Spreadshirt’s Partner, Beard Clique, has captured this bearded lighting in a bottle with their killer beard-related designs and products. Now let’s get something straight, here: beards aren’t just for “No Shave November”… oh no, no… beards are a trend, a lifestyle, a commitment, and let’s face it… beards are a calling. Man does not choose the beard; the beard chooses the man.

Head on over to Beard Clique’s shop today and have a gander at all their cool products. Any one of them would make a great gift for the lumberjack, hockey player, hunter or bearded man-loving female on your list. Get yours today!

And remember kids…. The man who would shave his beard for a woman deserves neither.

Santa Beard T-ShirtBearded BeanieNo Shave November T Shirt



Starting November 18th and running through November 21st, you can score a HUGE $10 off any order of $50 or more by simply entering coupon code SPREE10 at checkout. This is a great opportunity for you to save some dough on your ho, ho, ho.

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DIY Advent Calendar

Advent calendar

Arts and crafts have become a huge part of the build up to Christmas and, as we are all well aware, Advent is getting closer by the day!  A handmade Advent Calendar is a fantastic gift for a special person: think boy or girlfriend, mum or granddad.  Or your best friend would be glad to get one, as well.  The beauty of it: people can look forward to receiving a little something every day in December, which serves as a constant reminder of your appreciation for this person.  Find out more here!

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Movember – It’s All for a Good Cause

Movember T-Shirt

What’s That?

A blend of ‘moustache‘ and ‘November‘, Movember is the time for men to grow what’s usually reserved to 1970s celebrities like Freddy Mercury (the lead singer of Queen) or Tom Selleck (the star of the once hugely-popular Magnum P.I.): a mighty moustache. November is the month for men to proudly display pubescence in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer, one of the most nefarious health issues men can encounter. continue reading ‘Movember – It’s All for a Good Cause’

Aprons Set the Scene for the Holiday Season

Aprons Set the Scene for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving Apron Holiday

The Scene

The holidays are fast-approaching and along with them a flood of family, friends, food and drink. Let’s just say a general air of merriment and whimsy. ;) The focus for this particular post, though, happens to be the food.

Now whether you’re the turkey roaster or the turkey carver, the pumpkin pie baker or the pecan pie inhaler, the potato peeler or the potato masher, you know darn well that cooking for the holidays (or holiday eating, for that matter) can be a messy ordeal. Now don’t get me wrong: the end result is a delicious spread of belly-busting goodness that creates food memories for hours, days and sometimes even weeks. You know the type—the “kick your shoes off, fall asleep on your aunt’s couch, fat belly memories of a meal well eaten” memories. Yeah. Those ones. continue reading ‘Aprons Set the Scene for the Holiday Season’

This deal wont be around for la-la-la-la-long.....

This deal wont be around for la-la-la-la-long…..

I’m gonna keep it short and I’m gonna keep it simple. Spreadshirt’s 20% off all orders of $30 or more deal ends tonight at 11:59:59pm. DO NOT miss out on your opportunity to save and Donner and Blitzen load of cash on your early holiday shopping. Head over to Spreadshirt’s Christmas Gift Page RIGHT NOW and save yourself some time, some frustration – and most importantly- some dough, dough, dough.

Enter coupon code 20EARLY at checkout and receive 20% off all orders of $30 or more. What are you still reading this for?! Get going!

Shop Partner Interview: Global Couture

Shop Partner Interview: Global Couture


This week’s Partner interview is with Patricia, owner and operator of Global Couture. Global Couture is a very popular shop hosted at Spreadshirt and, like most of our Shop Partners, Patricia runs her shop in her spare time.

Originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri, Patricia is a tenured college counselor and fulltime doctoral candidate. You go, Patricia! Even more proof that success with a Spreadshirt shop can be obtained with part time hours. Here’s a little more information about Patricia and her successful shop, Global Couture: continue reading ‘Shop Partner Interview: Global Couture’

Opportunity Knocks: Trending Search Terms


Hey there, it’s me, opportunity. Every once in a while I come knocking at your door (or on your computer screen) to let you know about a great opportunity that you should look into that just may line your pockets with some extra moolah.

This is one of those times. We’ve noticed that we are seriously lacking in quality designs for some search terms that have huge numbers. Now don’t get me wrong; we’ve got some designs under these search terms—and some pretty decent ones, too—but you’d be wise to put the ol’ brain to the test and come up with some fresh designs for these highly-searched terms. With the numbers they get, you could see some pretty good sales if your designs are up to snuff. continue reading ‘Opportunity Knocks: Trending Search Terms’

Early Shoppers Save Big: 20% Off Your Entire Order!

Early Shoppers Save Big: 20% Off Your Entire Order!


So you know what’s the worst? Trying to find parking at the mall in mid to late December. Seriously. People get wild. They’re parking on the sidewalk; they’re jammed in between trees outside the food court. Things get a little nuts! And that’s not even the HALF of it! Once you DO get inside (I should say ‘if’), it’s an absolute MADHOUSE. Straight Crazy Town. Teenage girls wrestling with old men over the last iPhone 6, little kids crying hysterically on poor Santa’s lap, the music, the seizure-inducing lights, the fake snow– let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Spreadshirt is here to save you the hassle and frustration (and sometimes pain– those high school girls are tougher than they look! ;) ) of mall shopping during the holiday season with this Early Shoppers Save Big promotion. continue reading ‘Early Shoppers Save Big: 20% Off Your Entire Order!’

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