SEO Tips Part 3: Creating Engagement via Social Media Optimization

SEO Tips Part 3: Creating Engagement via Social Media Optimization


This is the final part of our three-part miniseries on how to make your shop “Googleable”.  In our previous two installments, we explained why optimizing your shop or website’s content should be improved in terms of meta data and external links. We want Auntie Google to push you up the ranking ladder, so keep reading!

Search engines like Google like everything that buzzes and makes a lot of noise on the Web. Google’s new algorithm – Hummingbird – was released in September, 2013. Ever since, one thing has become more important than anything else: ENGAGEMENT. What does this mean for you? Create content that users can interact with, particularly by sharing it and talking about it on other web platforms. Make sure that whatever you offer is going to make some internet noise. Here’s how to bang the drums: continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 3: Creating Engagement via Social Media Optimization’

The Friday Funny: Zombie Edition

The Friday Funny: Zombie Edition

Friday Funny Graphic

Who would have thought that zombies would be so popular? I don’t know if it started with The Walking Dead, or if the resurgence came at the hands of new-school monster movie breakthroughs like the Twilight saga or Godzilla. No matter how you slice it, though, zombies are high on the ‘hot’ list. They’re everywhere you look and they’re STARVING for brains!

continue reading ‘The Friday Funny: Zombie Edition’

#YOLO So.... Polo!

#YOLO So…. Polo!


The iconic polo shirt isn’t just for preppies and golfers anymore. It is rocked by pretty much anyone who has an ounce of style. Polos are stylish and versatile and can be fashioned for a casual dinner out or for work or school. I’ve seen them worn collar popped or unpopped, so how you play it is up to you. People will sport a polo over a waffle shirt, long sleeve, or even over another polo (yeah… I don’t recommend this one ;) ).

Guess what, my faithful readers… Spreadshirt is running a special polo promo from today (7/24) through the end of the weekend (7/27)! Until 11:59 EST on Sunday night, you can get 30% off any polo by entering promo code 30POLO at checkout. Design your own custom polo shirt with any of the million+ designs from our Marketplace or upload your own photos or graphics. You can even add text!

Get started today and don’t miss out on this limited time promo. Click HERE to design your own and HERE to cruise the Marketplace.



You don’t have much time left! Mere hours until our tank top promo gets put away until next summer. Until 11:59pm EST tonight, add any tank top in Spreadshirt’s product range to your shopping cart, and standard shipping is free, free, FREE! You heard right.

The tank top promo includes any and every tank top that we sell. Men’s tanks, women’s tanks, the kid’s basketball tank– they’re all included.

Don’t wait. Take full advantage of this offer before it runs out. Remember, all you have to do is add a tank to your cart and standard shipping is free when you enter coupon code: TANKYOU at checkout.

Now GO, GO, GO!

The Friday Funny: Cool Quotes Edition

The Friday Funny: Cool Quotes Edition


If you’re anything like me, you can pretty much hold an entire conversation strictly using movie quotes. I can’t even begin to count the times that friends and I have sat around recalling and reciting quotes that have worked their way into the fabric of our lives. In fact, I’m relatively sure that there’s a very specific part of a man’s brain that is dedicated solely to the storage and recall of quotes from Adam Sandler movies. I believe it’s called the Sandlerus Moviequoticum. Fact.

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Want to be a product tester? Try out our Performance Tees for FREE!

Want to be a product tester? Try out our Performance Tees for FREE!


For many of us, exercise and physical fitness are part of our daily routine. No matter the sport, class or activity you partake in, bottom line you want to feel cool and comfortable while you’re breaking a sweat. Our new men’s and women’s performance t-shirts are lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking and anti-microbial. Available in sizes S-2X and in bright neon colors, upload a picture or your favorite design to personalize your workout routine even more!

Since we value the opinion and comments of our partners and customers, we want YOU to try out of one of these tees for FREE!

If you’re interested in being a product tester and would like to try one of these products, please leave a comment below.

The first 5 comments/replies we receive committing to be a product tester will receive either a men’s or women’s performance tee!

Let's Get Tanked!

Let’s Get Tanked!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… starting July 15th, if you add any of our tank tops to your shopping cart, standard shipping is free! Simply enter coupon code: TANKYOU at checkout and, and long as you’ve added a tank top to your order*, standard shipping will be deducted at payment.

We’ve all heard the saying, “sun’s out, guns out,” and it’s really come into play this summer. continue reading ‘Let’s Get Tanked!’

SEO Tips Part 2 : How to improve your shop’s Search engine reputation?

SEO Tips Part 2 : How to improve your shop’s Search engine reputation?


There once was a time when Google was peering through rose-colored spectacles that loved every word and every link that could be found online. The color of those spectacles has changed from rose to black, and Google is having a keen eye out for quality content now. That’s why we explained in our first round of SEO tips why the wording of content is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization): it helps making your Spreadshirt shop visible for Google & Co. Search engines are designed to help people entering search terms to find what they are looking for – in your case what you’re offering in your shop. That’s why SEO is absolutely necessary for any online business, including yours. continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 2 : How to improve your shop’s Search engine reputation?’

The Friday Funny: Tank Top Edition

The Friday Funny: Tank Top Edition


If you hadn’t noticed, the summer has arrived in full force. Long days at the beach, backyard barbecues, swimming pools, shorts and flip flops, mosquito bites… ok, maybe not mosquito bites… but the rest of it is cool! And also if you hadn’t noticed, tank tops are wayyyy back in style this summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they never really fully went away, but they definitely took a back seat to t-shirts for a few years, there. Not to worry, though, they are back and BADDER THAN EVER!

Tanks have been BURNING up our site since the weather has turned. We’ve got a really good variety of tank top styles for both men and women. You can find a fresh design in our Marketplace or upload your own designs. The choice is yours to make. Either way, buy one today– you’ll tank us later. ;) See what I did, there?!

Suns Out Guns Out Tank TopHoodrat Stuff Tank TopLet's Get Weird Tank Top

Scarves: They’re Not Just for Keeping Your Neck Warm

Scarves: They’re Not Just for Keeping Your Neck Warm


So a big trend in the fashion world is “upcycling”.  Upcycling is defined as: producing something from used goods that is often better than the original.  The best example of this might be making a cool pair of shorts out of a pair of pants that are ripped or stained.  A lot of girls these days are taking old, ratty t-shirts and turning them into half-shirts or even weaving the backs to give them a new, upcycled look.

continue reading ‘Scarves: They’re Not Just for Keeping Your Neck Warm’

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