The Friday Funny: The Ugly Edition

The Friday Funny: The Ugly Edition


So once upon a time, there wasn’t such a thing as “ugly Christmas sweater” theme parties. But there was such a thing as your uncle Charlie rockin’ some booty-ugly red and green sweater that had reindeer and little tiny Christmas ornaments strapped all over it. Come on, don’t act like this isn’t true. Maybe your uncle’s name wasn’t Charlie, and perhaps it was your Aunt Frida or your kinda weird cousin Jay, but you know this is real talk.

Thank the sweet Lord that THOSE days have passed (I hope)! The days of paying homage to the ugly Christmas sweaters of yesteryear have arrived and I am equally as thankful for that because it’s hilarious!

You’ve gotta head on over to Spreadshirt’s Ugly Christmas T-Shirts page. We have some joyous designs that are sure to give this tradition an even uglier spin. Tell your Uncle Charlie I said hi and have yourselves an ugly, ugly, UGLY holiday season.

Ugly T-Rex Christmas T-ShirtUgly Unicorn Christmas SweaterUgly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

Free Shipping Ends Tonight!

Free Shipping Ends Tonight!

Hey there, kids. Your old pal Rob, here. Just popping in to remind you that we have a free shipping promotion going on. Thing is, it’s ending tonight at 11:59:59pm EST. This is A KNOCKOUT opportunity for you to save some serious cake on early holiday shopping.

Also, I wanted to take a second to wish all of you little zombies and princesses an UNBELIEVABLE Halloween. Be safe, have fun and get as much candy as you can carry!

I almost forgot the best part (sorry, we have a bucket of candy in the office today – my hands are all jittery and I’m literally spazzing out. I think my blood sugar is at like 1,450g/l :) ) the coupon code for the free standard shipping promo is VAMPIRE14. All you have to do is make sure your order totals $30 or more and enter the coupon code at checkout to get your free standard shipping.

Our Spreadshirt Halloween Quiz: What to Wear?

Halloween is just around the corner and some of you may not yet have a costume idea. Mummy? Vampire? Or go as Frankenstein? To help you with this tricky choice we prepared a Spreadshirt Halloween quiz.

It will guide you through the difficult process of “What to Wear” for Halloween. If you think that Halloween costumes are silly, you should take it anyway. The results may surprise you!

Halloween Quiz

Scared Shipless: Free Shipping in Honor of Halloween

Scared Shipless: Free Shipping in Honor of Halloween

Halloween Free Shipping Teaser

Calling all ghosts, all ghouls and all goblins! Calling you Frankenstein’s monsters, you Draculas and you werewolves! Calling all you Halloween-celebrating, candy-eating, trick-or-treating creatures and characters out there! In honor of Halloween and of all things scary, spooky, ooky and kooky, Spreadshirt is offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders of $30 or more! Simply enter coupon code VAMPIRE14 at checkout and you’re good to go! Hurry up! Offer ends Thursday night at 11:59:59pm EST.

The Friday Funny: The Fall has Fallen Edition

The Friday Funny: The Fall has Fallen Edition

Friday Funny Graphic

The salty winds, white sand beaches and frozen drinks of summer are a distant memory. The leaves have turned, and many have fallen. Everything is pumpkin-spiced and people are turning their heat on again. Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you hadn’t noticed, fall has fallen.

Listen, I’m a summer guy through and through. They say “some like it hot”, and I am definitely part of that “some”. The hotter the better. Give me the 100-degree, sweltering, sweaty heat of deep July. I relish in the humidity. I revel in the golden glow of the sunshine. BUT, ask a lot of people out there what their favorite season is and you hear fall more often than not.

I can see why this is. Fall is home to many things: foliage, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, apple picking, fan-favorites such as pumpkin, cider, cinnamon and spice…. there’s a bounty of reasons to love the season. For college girls, see: UGG boots and North Face fleeces. ;)

Speaking of bountiful things, Spreadshirt has a pumpkin-load of fall and autumn designs that are sure to get your colors showing. You want Thanksgiving designs? We’ve got Thanksgiving designs. Oh, so you’re a pumpkin freak? Yeah, we’ve got those, too. You search anything fall and we’ve probably got it. And hey, if we don’t, you can always, always, always upload your own stuff.

‘Fall’ in love with Spreadshirt. <3

Fall-Leaves DesignTurkey with an Attitude T-ShirtI Love Apple Pie T-Shirt

Meet the Halloween Design Contest Winner

Meet the Halloween Design Contest Winner


We had many spooky and spectacular entries in this year’s Halloween Design Contest, but as we all know, there can only be one winner. Ladies and gentlemen…. put your hands together for the one… the only… Jetilla Lewis and her entry “Horror Cat”. Read Spreadshirt’s exclusive interview with Jetilla and learn what inspired her to enter and where, exactly, the Horror Cat got its start.

continue reading ‘Meet the Halloween Design Contest Winner’

Cover Your.... Phone (or Tablet): 25% Off Cases

Cover Your…. Phone (or Tablet): 25% Off Cases

Phone and Tablet Cases Let’s face it; phones and tablets are EXPENSIVE. Let’s face something else; I bet the majority of people you know have a shattered screen on their smartphone. I swear it’s happened to everybody at one time or another — maybe even a few times!

We’ve run this promo before and it’s a good one. For a limited time, you can get 25% off our entire selection of phone and tablet cases to help protect your investment. Keep in mind that Spreadshirt is not responsible for any damage that occurs while your phone or tablet wears these sleek, sexy phone or tablet cases. These “damages” we refer to are up to and including: continue reading ‘Cover Your…. Phone (or Tablet): 25% Off Cases’

The New Dynamic Duo: Magnificent Mouse Pad and Colossal Coaster

The New Dynamic Duo: Magnificent Mouse Pad and Colossal Coaster

Coasters and Mousepad

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!…. It’s a plane!… It’s… It’s… Wait… It’s nothing. I don’t see anything up there! Let’s start this over.

Look! On your desk! It’s a stapler!…. It’s some sticky notes!…. Nope!… It’s Magnificent Mouse Pad and Colossal Coaster! Able to effortlessly guide your mouse through countless spreadsheets and reports! Capable of keeping coffee rings from taking up permanent residence on your mahogany! These two super heroes have very special powers that you don’t find in any old Joe Calculator.

Mouse pads are an essential part of home or office desk life. With the days of wired mice long behind us, it’s really helpful to have a buffer between your wireless mouse and desk for a few reasons: continue reading ‘The New Dynamic Duo: Magnificent Mouse Pad and Colossal Coaster’

The Friday Funny: The Ridiculous Edition

The Friday Funny: The Ridiculous Edition

Friday Funny Teaser

I spent some serious time browsing the Spreadshirt Marketplace last night while waiting for the football game to start, and I was absolutely cracking up at some of the ridiculous designs that people come up with. If you take a few minutes to look around the Marketplace, you’re sure to find a ton of designs that will have you laughing.

Beard T-ShirtUgly Man T ShirtHorth Thit T shirt continue reading ‘The Friday Funny: The Ridiculous Edition’

Totes Perfect for Trick or Treaters

Totes Perfect for Trick or Treaters

Halloween Tote Bag Teaser

There is an art to choosing the perfect bag for trick or treating. When I was a boy, I used everything from pillow cases to sleeping bags. Two fundamental problems, there: the pillow case would’ve been ideal, but it didn’t have any handles, and the sleeping bag was just… I mean… it was a sleeping bag. Ha ha. Who carries around a sleeping bag to trick or treat with?! Yeah, I guess I was a strange kid. :)

It’s coming down to the wire, but you still have time to order nature’s most treat-tastic, fun-errific, most candy-carrying-est bag on the market… the Spreadshirt Halloween trick or treat tote bag!

This candy carrying behemoth holds at least 23,226 jelly beans (probably), 316 peanut butter cups (give or take), 7.97lbs of licorice (or somewhere within a tenth of a pound of that figure), loads of lollipops, caverns of candy bars, millions of mallows, a jumble of jaw breakers. And it’s got HANDLES! Just when you think you can’t carry it any more… when you’re trudging your way through your sixteenth neighborhood and knocking on your twenty-seven-hundredth door… when the dead weight of your Halloween haul gets to be too much to carry… you can sling this bad boy over your shoulder and soldier on, you little goblin!

Put any design or text you want on your trick or treat tote bag and order today! Personalize it with your name or maybe even make it part of your costume. Orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours, so hurry up and you’re sure to have yours by the 31st. Yay for candy! Yay for Halloween! Yay for Spreadshirt trick or treat tote bags!

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