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#Spreadvent 24 - 6 Month Premium for You!

#Spreadvent 24 – 6 Month Premium for You!

The simple fact that you are here on 24 December should be rewarded. But, we’re going to have to ask you to do just a little something more for that reward. All we are asking is for you to tell us one little secret.
What can you win?
We are handing out 3x 6 month premium memberships (each worth £40/€60). If you have no idea what we are talking about, we’ve gathered the features and benefits of a premium membership.

How do you win?
Simple, but also a little evil of us. We want to know what is the coolest Christmas present that you placed (or will place) under the tree. Tell us your secret, gladly as an anonymous user (with a real email address), if you are afraid that the person getting that gift might stop by here on their way to the Christmas tree. You have until tomorrow at 12 noon to tell us!

With that, we have ended our Spreadvent 2010. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and were one of our lucky winners!

UPDATE: has chosen the winners! From the 17 submissions, we pulled the numbers 4, 5 and 12. Congrats to MrMatt, Andreas and MartYn (Jerome’s second post wasn’t counted). I’ll contact the winners via email :)

#Spreadvent 22 - 15% Off Everything! You Made It!

#Spreadvent 22 – 15% Off Everything! You Made It!

Today’s Spreadvent door is open to all – there’s nothing you need to do to win. So, while Santa is packing up his sleigh, you can save 15% on your order for after-Christmas gifts. Perhaps you need something for a New Year’s party? Or maybe you just want to buy some custom clothes for the joy of it?!
Get 15% off with the voucher code YOUMADEIT. It is valid at Spreadshirt and in all Spreadshirt shops until 29 December 2010.

#Spreadvent 20: Win a "Shoplift" for your Shop - CSS & Graphics

#Spreadvent 20: Win a “Shoplift” for your Shop – CSS & Graphics

Imagine you’ve got some great ideas in your head for your Spreadshirt shop. But, you simply don’t know how to achieve them? Then we’ve got something for you. Today we have a special price for those who want to do more with their shop, but don’t have the time or know-how to pull it off. Here’s what’s at stake:
1 x Shop CSS improvements
1 x Graphics header or banner for your shop
1 x Vector design for a shirt

What exactly do these prizes mean?
Shop CSS improvements: Our CSS expert Hanna will work together with the winner to improve the overall look of the Spreadshirt shop. We can also embed your shop in your website, blog or community for you.

Graphics header or banner for your shop: you want to give your shop a little face lift, but don’t know how? Isa from our Graphics team will work together with you and create a banner and background graphic to spruce up your shop for you!

Vector design: our graphics team will help you make a vector graphic from an existing pixel graphic draft. You will then be able to use this design with our plot printing technique!

How do you win?
Think about what you want to do with your shop using our briefing questions below. Either post those below in a comment, or send them to socialmedia AT spreadshirt dot net.

Tips for your briefing:
1. What’s your shop’s name? What’s the URL?
2. What is the main focus of your shop?
3. What is the target group for your shop?
4. How and where do you market your shop?
5. What kind of changes would you like to see made in your shop (colors, navigation, width)?
6. What kind of graphics do you want to use (e.g. Spreadshirt models, your own photos, illustrations)?
7. What do you want to avoid? What don’t you need?
8. What happens after your shop is improved? What do you plan to do with your new and improved shop?

You have until Wednesday 29 December at 6pm to send us your briefing!

Who wins?
The person with the best briefing will be chosen by us. Convincing answers to the questions above puts you in a good position to win!

#Spreadvent 19 - Inspire Jeremy and Win an Amorphia Apparel Shirt

#Spreadvent 19 – Inspire Jeremy and Win an Amorphia Apparel Shirt

Just a few days left till Christmas! Time may have run out to get your gifts online (except for express shipping), but you still have a chance to take part in our Spreadvent Calendar. My German colleagues did a little Christmas poem with hidden coupon codes (if you want to test your German and guessing skills, be my guest). But, I’ve got something special for you on the final Sunday of Advent.
Amorphia Apparel has grown over the past few years to have 6 different themed shops. From Science! and Teach the Controversy to Hirsute History and Sir Critter, there seems to be something there for everyone.

I am a big fan of the Hirsute History shop with shirts featuring the hair of famous people. 80s wrestlers, commies, scientists, philosophers and more, their hair is almost as memorable as their contributions to society.

How do you win a free Amorphia Shirt?
Suggest a famous individual known for his/her hair style in the comments below and Jeremy will choose his favourite for a new design! Important: stay away from living people (unless you can get their permission or they are political figures).

So, simply write down the Hirsute History character you want by midnight Monday. Tuesday morning, I’ll send the suggestions over to Jeremy for him to pick his favourite one (or two)! Here’s a selection of some scientists he’s already done:

UPDATE: Jeremy has chosen the winners. One from the US blog and one from the UK blog. Congrats to Nowhereman and Flavin! He plans to do the designs after the holidays. Here’s what he had to say:

I think I’ll go with Marlyn Monroe suggested by Nowhereman78 on the UK blog, since she really is an icon and that mole adds a fun bit of flair. Then James Joyce as suggested by Flavin on the US blog, the eyepatch pushed him over the top for me. I would have gone with Zappa but his widow holds the trademark on his iconic mustache / goatee and is quite vigorous about defending it!

#Spreadvent 18 - Win a MyKea Design Cover

#Spreadvent 18 – Win a MyKea Design Cover

Behind door number 18: MyKea! This Dutch start-up is a newcomer to the mass-customization scene, but the idea is simply awesome. MyKea doesn’t like naked furniture and wanted to do something about it. They make decorative design stickers for IKEA furniture which you can stick on your very own IKEA dresser, bookcase, bed or coffee table.
As much as we would love to have a USM Haller Sideboard at home, it is most often a Billy, Pax or Expedit. And getting the chance to customize such commonly owned products really takes the cake.

What can you win?
You can win a MyKea Design Cover of your choice.

What do you have to do?
Imagine that we were bought out by IKEA and had to rename our entire product line. Take a Spreadshirt product of your choice and give it a nice Swedish IKEA name. Make it up or base it on one of their products. Either way, it should be as odd and full of Swedish letters as possible. Leave your comment below with the “old” product name and the new one. The winner will be randomly selected!

Update: we picked the winner — Crusher (from the German Blog) won with his proposal “storslagen”. Thanks for your creative ideas!

#Spreadvent 17 - Win 1 of 5 laFraise Lodown Shirts

#Spreadvent 17 – Win 1 of 5 laFraise Lodown Shirts

Spreadvent door number 17 opens to 5 lovely gifts from our good friends over at laFraise. Their limited edition shirts are certainly a looker and you have a chance to get your eyes hands on one very special shirt.
The look by stphngdn from the Lodown contest is a simple and beautifully composed shirt, bringing together themes of eyes and flowers. These eyes are bound to catch the eyes of those around you. We are giving away 5 of these shirts, but of course, you’ll have to put in just a little effort.

How do you win?
I’ll go out on a limb and assume there is a plant somewhere in your vicinity. Near the window? On your desk? We we want to know how your plant sees the world. Describe the world from your plant’s perspective in a comment below OR take a picture from the perspective of your plant and upload it to our Facebook page (or post a link to it below). We will select 5 winners on Monday.

Be creative! Looking forward to seeing the world through your plant’s eyes!
Update: It’s over! We picked 5 winners — you’ll get an e-mail or Facebook Message in case you’ve won.

#Spreadvent 16 - Win this Box of Shirts

#Spreadvent 16 – Win this Box of Shirts

Spreadvent calendar door number 16 opens to a box of goodies. This time we’re not going to rely on a random drawing. You alone can decide who wins this box of shirts. Are you a good guesser?
We’ve filled a box with lonely shirts just waiting for a happy owner to love and care for them. They were either too large or small for their original owners … So, to win this box, you have to answer ONE simple question: how many shirts are in the box?

The first one to guess the exact number or has the closest guess will win the box and all of its contents. At noon tomorrow we’ll look and see how good your guestimates are.

UPDATE: There were 23 shirts in the box! Congrats to Boontje for guessing so quickly and correctly. Respect! Here’s the video proof!
YouTube Preview Image

#Spreadvent 15 - Win the T-Shirt Vault

#Spreadvent 15 – Win the T-Shirt Vault

Door number 15 is quite a big one – especial when our USM Haller Sideboard sits behind it. This massive vault could be the new home for your collection of shirts and other apparel. Its price tag of $1,200 certainly will raise your eyebrows.
What do you have to do to win? All you have to do is click on the “Like” button on our Facebook fan page. That’s it! We’ll randomly pick one of our lucky fans as a winner!

But, that’s not all. If you aren’t pulled out of our T-Shirt Vault hat, there’s still something behind door 15 for you:

Given, our sideboard promotion has been running for three weeks, so we thought we would add yet another piece of furniture into the mix. Namely, the Panton Junior chair worth $175.
What do you have to do to win the Panton Junior chair?
Simple: leave a comment until tomorrow at 12 noon and tell us what your children, nieces, nephews, grandkids or other kids you know want most for Christmas this year.

#Spreadvent 14 - Our Shirt DJ Lays Down Some Tees

#Spreadvent 14 – Our Shirt DJ Lays Down Some Tees

Spreadvent calendar door number 14 opens to our Shirt DJ. This talented mixer of tees takes any of your requests and puts together a shirt for you. Of all of the shirt mixes, we will randomly select 3 winners to get that very shirt!
Have an idea, but your not so sure how to put together the shirt? Think you are witty and can challenge the DJ to lay down a shirt to match your words? Need a last minute gift idea? That’s what our Shirt DJ is here for.

We want your ideas, random words and imaginations to make our t-shirt party something to write home about. Topics could include:
– Your favourite hobby
– Music you listen to
– Sports you love to play
– Your own brand of philosophy
– Random animals …

Here’s how to take part!
Leave a comment below or meet the Shirt DJ facebook to facebook on Facebook and request a shirt that will make your gift list complete. He’ll then rummage through the Spreadshirt Marketplace or perhaps even create something custom just for you. We’ll then randomly choose three participants to be the lucky recipients of that very shirt!

Our DJ is on call between 4pm and 7pm GMT (that’s 4pm and 7pm CET for those not in the UK).

Looking forward to your requests!
*Update* We picked the winners: Mike (from our German Blog), Troy (from here) and Steen (from the Facebook Page) each won their free Shirt. Congrats!

#Spreadvent 13 - How About 10,000 Flyers for your Shop?

#Spreadvent 13 – How About 10,000 Flyers for your Shop?

We’ve passed the midway point, reached lucky number 13 to reveal something special for shop partners: lots and lots of flyers! This is your chance to advertise your shop or Marketplace profile offline!
How does it work?
We are running a Twitter parade and here’s how it goes: we will count from today until Wednesday evening Tweets about your shop. And depending on how many tweets your shop gets, you will have a chance to win. continue reading ‘#Spreadvent 13 – How About 10,000 Flyers for your Shop?’

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