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The Spreadshirt Collection – Coming Soon!

Hey cotton buddies – the big day is almost upon us! The Spreadshirt Collection is in production as I write this. As promised, our very own t-shirt line will start running through our presses by the end of the first quarter. Anne, our Apparel Manger, let us take a look behind the scenes and leak out some of the cottony details:
Oh boy, we’re super-excited about this – the t-shirts are only the beginning of an entire product line. Over the next few months we’ll be adding tank tops, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies in a huge variety of colours and sizes for men, women and kids.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Our collection offers us a huge strategic advantage. Since we’ve cut out the middle-man, we don’t have to worry about stock-out problems from our suppliers. We are also able to provide consistent high standard of quality for our customers and partners globally.

But, let’s get to the details – what’s the Spreadshirt T-Shirt all about?

We will be delivering fabrics that have been optimised specifically for our printing methods. We went through test after test to get the right knit of the right kind of cotton that meets the modern standard of comfort and style AND guarantees top print quality across the board.

Anne travelled across the globe searching for the best manufacturer – from Europe to Asia and back again before she found just what she was looking for in Portugal. The company Switcher proved to be a dependable and serious partner, and also happens to be a member of the Fair Wear Foundation that provides us with a highly certified network of manufacturers.
We didn’t want to stop there. Certified manufacturers are great, but as you can imagine, there’s lots that can be hidden within the production of a t-shirt. Not only do they have an Öko-Tex label, but each and every t-shirt has a DNA-Code which allows you to literally follow that shirt all the way back to its roots. You can enter the code on the homepage and get all of the certificate and production info you’d like.

We’re also quite proud of our little lovetab label that is attached to the left sleeve and on the inside of the back of the collar.

When it comes down to sizes, colours and cuts – Anne got feedback from a wide spectrum of customers, partners and Spreadshirt employees. She got everyone to try on different cuts and sizes and asked about the colour tones and came up with the following results:

Product Fabric weight Sizes Colours Cut
Men’s T-Shirt 160gsm (colours) / 170gsm (white) S – 5XL White, black, red, navy, Kelly green, heather grey, yellow, royal blue, purple, brown
  • Modern, closer cut
  • Casual style
  • Round collar that isn’t too constricting
  • Hemmed sides
Women’s T-Shirt 160gsm (colours) / 170gsm (white) S – 3XL White, black, red, navy, kelly green, heather grey, yellow, royal blue, purple, dark pink
  • Modern, closer cut
  • Casual style
  • Round collar that isn’t too constricting
  • Hemmed sides
Kids’ T-Shirt 160gsm (colours) / 170gsm (white) 98/104 (2 years), 110/116 (4 years), 122/128 (6 years), 134/140 (8 yeras) White, black, red, navy, kelly green, heather grey, yellow, royal blue, purple, dark pink
  • Modern, closer cut
  • Casual style
  • For boys and girls
  • Round collar that isn’t too constricting
  • Hemmed sides
Teenager T-Shirt 160gsm (colours) / 170gsm (white) 146/152 (10 yeras), 158/164 (12 years) White, black, red, navy, kelly green, heather grey, yellow, royal blue, purple, dark pink
  • Modern, closer cut
  • Casual style
  • For boys and girls
  • Round collar that isn’t too constricting
  • Hemmed sides

As you can see, we are now able to offer men’s, women’s and kids’ t-shirts in the same quality and in almost the exact colour spectrum. This allows families and groups to really look like a colour-unified team.

Just one bit of sad news at the end. We had planned on giving these product real names, but realised that it would be difficult for customers to understand why one product was called “Donald “and the other “Dora”. The customer should know they’re buying a t-shirt, not piece of furniture. I really hope you are excited as we are. You certainly will once you get a chance to see and feel the difference. Stay tuned!

Design Battle: British Monarchy Diamond Jubilee

Design Battle: British Monarchy Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating 60 years of reign this summer. As with most traditional royal events, there will be plenty of excitement among souvenir sellers and collectors. We are also looking to get some great designs on our platform and into our marketing campaigns so you and others can create their own souvenir. This huge event is a perfect backdrop for a design battle.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for Pro and Contra monarchy designs – a hot topic often surrounding royal events. There are no limits to your creativity (aside from copyright and personality rights/laws). And to get you started, we’ve gathered some links that should get some inspiration juices flowing:

The rules:

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Multi-Personality Shirts - Now Available at Spreadshirt

Multi-Personality Shirts – Now Available at Spreadshirt

We’ve added a brand new addition to our product range: Multi-Personality Shirts. The more, the merrier! This very big and all embracing t-shirt has space for multiple people (and their personalities). A fun way to celebrate stag nights (or hen party) or showing support for your football team. Just think of wearing it with your mates when traveling to the Euros! It also makes a great gift idea for couples or the whole family! Check out all of the possibilities:

Jump on the new trend and design your own Multi-Personality Shirts now!

Popcorn Prints - Clothing Inspired by Furry Little Friends

Popcorn Prints – Clothing Inspired by Furry Little Friends

Popcorn Prints is a relatively new shop on the Spreadshirt platform filled with custom shirts and clothing inspired by furry little friends. Starting with guinea pigs and hamsters, Louise plans to cover all household pets. These kind of niche shops can become successful, especially when it’s run by an enthusiast. We wanted to hear about her experiences using Spreadshirt and here are the answers we got!

What inspired or motivated you to open a shop and how long have you run the shop?

As a self-confessed guinea pig lover, I was looking around for a t-shirt for myself featuring guinea pigs and struggled to find one that I really liked. As it was just before Christmas 2011, I was also looking for a way to earn some extra money and when I landed on Spreadshirt’s site, it seemed a perfect way to solve two problems in one! The more I thought about it, the more I realised there was also scope to promote important messages and help to raise money for guinea pig charities.

How did you learn about Spreadshirt?

Once I hit on the idea of designing my own t-shirts, I read many reviews regarding the main t-shirt printing companies. Spreadshirt consistently appeared to outperform its competition on quality and reliability.

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AugmenTeeShirt - Augmented Reality on T-Shirts - Interview

AugmenTeeShirt – Augmented Reality on T-Shirts – Interview

Now, what is it that makes your shop and products so unique?

We’ve been aware of Spreadshirt for years now, and we knew that most shops offer quite interesting designs – but we wanted to come up with something special. We wanted to create t-shirts that did not only put the person wearing it in the limelight, but become the centre of communication altogether. In other words, we were looking for ways that got people involved with the design on a t-shirt. Then came the day when we took part in a workshop on a new technology called “augmented reality”. This extended form of reality makes non-existing objects look real as they appear in the environment of real objects. The question was: could be put it on a t-shirt? By printing 3D objects on a t-shirt, we were able to shift the communicational focus to the design itself, and the person wearing it became part of the scenery. This stimulates interaction between people commenting on the design and the guy in the t-shirt, who appears in a different form of reality. A lot of people take pictures with their smartphones or camera of people wearing our t-shirt designs, because they see something else in the design than the owner of the t-shirt. It would be interesting to put both parties in a room in front of a computer at a later point in time and ask them to comment on what they see – I’m sure you’d get completely different interpretations!

If you email your pics or put them on Facebook – e.g. as your new profile picture – you can receive those different reactions first hand. It’s definitely very interesting, and we’ve only ever got positive feedback. You should check it out yourself!

Since when have you been running your shop?

The AugmenTeeShirt shop has only been around since December 2011, but it has been met with great interest already, which is obviously fantastic.

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£10 Off Your New Spring Outfit

£10 Off Your New Spring Outfit

Fresh styles for the freshest of seasons. That whiff of spring air tells of warmer and brighter days, and a £10 off your next order can make it even brighter! From now until 19 March, you can jump start your spring wardrobe with £10 off orders of £50 or more. It’s as easy as adding the voucher code SPRING2012 while checking out. If I am doing my maths correctly, that’s 20% off a 50 quid order. And for those of you out there who pay in Euros, you can get €10 off a purchase of €50 with the voucher code SPRING2012EU.

The voucher is valid on Spreadshirt and in all partner shops. So go on and be a spring chicken and pick up a few new threads!

2012: A Year of Sports - and Designers Beware

2012: A Year of Sports – and Designers Beware

We are all licking our lips with anticipation of the two main sports events this year. In June, the 14th European Football Championships will be held in Poland and Ukraine, and the Olympic games will be hosted in London. But before you start creating new designs to honour the events, we would like to (again) direct your attention to the legal side of things. It is a bit tricky, so please ensure that your shop does not violate any copyrights.
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Wear Trackies with Spreadshirt on 20 Jan and Win!

Wear Trackies with Spreadshirt on 20 Jan and Win!

International Sweatpants Day is one of our favourite holidays, second only to International T-Shirt Day, of course! On 20 January 2012, we will be taking part in the 3rd Annual International Sweatpants Day for the third time. And we want you to join us on this overly-casual Friday. So much so that we are giving away free stuff to those who participate.

How and what can we win?!

Take a photo of yourself wearing trackie bottoms (or whatever name you choose to call them). Strike a funny pose, get some of your friends together, ask your grandmother to join in, or show us your trackie style while at work. Then upload the picture to our Facebook profile. If you are not a member at Facebook, upload your foto elsewhere (e.g. Photobucket, Flickr, tumblr) and post the link below. We’ll gather all of pictures together and get a vote going on Facebook with “Likes”. In addition to fame and glory, the most voted fotos will win vouchers, e.g. to design their personal Spreadshirt trackie bottoms or sporty Hoodie to customise!
Main prize: wins a voucher worth £70
Prize 2-5: wins a voucher worth £50
You can enter your photo from now through 23 January and then we’ll start the voting.

If you’re looking for some sweet trackies to wear on the infamous day, check out our selection of custom trackie bottoms and sweatpants on the Marketplace. We’re looking forward to getting comfortable on the 20th and to seeing you sporting your very own trackies!

Last Minute Gift - Discount on Selected Gift Vouchers!

Last Minute Gift – Discount on Selected Gift Vouchers!

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Interview with Spreadshirt Shop Partner GRIMY

Interview with Spreadshirt Shop Partner GRIMY

Since when have you been running a Spreadshirt Shop, and what made you start it?

I started my GRIMY Spreadshop early in 2010. I’d already experimented with the Spreadshop system before though. Back then, however, I couldn’t really think of a concept that had not already been around.

What eventually gave me the idea to open the shop was a t-shirt design of mine that managed to come up first in an online t-shirt design contest. The little Grim Reaper character of the design embodies the core of this idea, and it turned out to be a bit of a hit. This is why I came up with the idea to turn it into a character to try and exploit its potential. I then created a few new designs and a website that is linked to Spreadshirt.

What’s your favourite design, and how did you find the inspiration for it? continue reading ‘Interview with Spreadshirt Shop Partner GRIMY’

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