An iPad Mini for your Easter feast

What the Easter bunny brings. Many colourful Easter eggs are hidden on our homepage. Find our Easter eggs and win an iPad Mini. How that works?

    #1 – be clever

    #2 – check out

    #3 – find the egg

    #4 – click on the egg

    #5 – enter your name and email address

And with a bit of luck, a brand new iPad Mini will be yours. The lucky winner will be announced on 22 April on Facebook or via email.

Famous designs: “Keep calm and carry on“

On the top of the list of our current best sellers are tees and hoodies bearing the slogan “Keep calm…“ design. ”Keep calm and stay legendary“, “Keep calm and be a unicorn“, “Keep calm and be a princess” – there’s a boundless number of Keep Calm designs available in our Marketplace.

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The all new laFraise – Michael and Thomas say it’s “irresistibly catching”

Our friends from laFraise are busy re-launching the brand new laFraise website, and for the past few months they’ve tackled the exciting project of coming up with a concept for the new site and developing the new shop at the same time.
Reason enough for us to meet up with Michael and Thomas and find out what makes the new laFraise so good. Here we go!
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The ball’s back in the park: What you need to know about World Cup designs

After 4 long years, the time has come again: The biggest kick-off of the year will be taking place on 12th June. The football world cup in Brazil is an excellent opportunity to get creative again. But: similar to the Olympic Games in Sotchi, it is important to respect third party trademarks. This is particularly true for FIFA copyrights on images and wording – so please bear this in mind.

Taboo: the official FIFA logo and slogan (see image above) as well as any word combination such as “All in one rhythm”, “Football World Cup”, “Brazil 2014” or abbreviations such as “WC 2014” etc.
HERE you can find an official FIFA guideline for using their logo and slogans.

Spreadshirt cannot condone unauthorised distribution of trademarks, and this is also true for logos and brands of FIFA’s sponsors, partners and other trademarks.
A comprehensive list of FIFA partners can be found on this site.
More information about image and word trademarks can be found on the official FIFA homepage.
Registered trademarks can always be examined on i.e. HERE, HERE and HERE as well as on the WIPO site.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with our Service or leave a comment below.

Polar bears, narwhals, a vision and a webshop

Save the Arctic Webshop

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Arctic? Probably a lot of ice and snow and maybe also some animals. The Arctic is in a critical condition and there are efforts being made to raise awareness and save this region. Why not do so with a Spreadshirt shop? Nadia from Denmark is combining creativity, passion and the inspiration of the Danish singer and artist Oh Land to play her part in a big cause.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Nadia, a Dane who lives in Sweden. I dabble in creative writing and product design as well as business concepts – fun stuff.

Can you describe your project?

I have wanted to help the Arctic for a long time. Being Scandinavian has something to do with it. I started following the changes to the landscape in Greenland and the impact made by global warming a long time ago. When habitats for polar animals disappear, habitats for human beings disappear somewhere else on Earth, too. We all depend on the Arctic. One day I noticed that Oh Land (a Danish singer and artist, currently living in New York) fits this cause very well, and then I discovered that she was among the very first to sign the petition on I felt very inspired by that, and ideas of images started to take shape in my head.

Soon after came the idea of a webshop donating the proceeds to the cause. Basically I have been working on my Spreadshirt shop since then.

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Fun, Games and T-shirt Shenanigans!

You can’t wake people who pretend to be asleep, but you can surely crack them up. An easy way to do that is by wearing a T-shirt that’s just irresistibly funny. Those who get the humour on your tee can only hold a smile for so long – after that it’s just teeth! Banter makes the world go round, and all you need is laugh. At least this is what we think those four lads from Liverpool really meant…

And of course you can express a sense of humour on other products as well. We’ve got over 180 products on offer that are just waiting to bring out a more humorous fashion. There are so many ways to be funny. You can tell everybody on your tee what you had for tea, or say it on a coffee mug. Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions, coffee understands.

Check out our fun designs below for some inspiration. A number of friendly animals have tried our T-shirts, and a happy T-Rex tried clapping his hands for us (in vain). Then there are sheep afflicted with the tourette syndrome, and fun messages such as what kind of high-five some people really deserve. And if you should be into more profound graphical depictions, you should really check out the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock design. Now it’s up to you to raise a few bemused eye-brows and to wake up dozing heads with sudden outbursts of laughter.


Spreadshirt goes out of space

The story of a small T-shirt embarking on a big journey

A few months ago, a school class from Cockermouth, UK, asked us whether we’d be interested in sponsoring their project.
Once they introduced the project to us, we agreed instantly.
17 of their students hatched a very ambitious plan to send a balloon attached with a camera to space and back to earth. The main idea here was not only to develop a balloon, but to organise everything surrounding the project. And the kids took care of that themselves: Finding sponsors, informing press, writing a blog and maintaining a Facebook page. The project was part of a school project under the very fitting motto ‘Ascend’.

And the best thing about it: A small Spreadshirt ambassador embarks on a great mission into space. We are confident that the little challenger will make it back to earth, and that the T-shirt will be awarded with an honorary place in our T-shirt Hall of Fame. Meanwhile we’re going to wear Galaxy T-shirts to celebrate the occasion :)

More info on Project Ascend can be found on the students’ blog or on their Facebook page.

Big shout out to the guys from Project Ascend to let us take part in this adventure!


Meet A Spreader: Product Owner Mareike Goedemann

It’s about time for a new edition of Meet A Spreader. This time it’s Mareike’s turn. About 3.5 years ago, Mareike started out as one of two product owners. A lot has changed at Spreadshirt since then. In this interview she’s going to explain what’s important for Product Management, how her work at Spreadshirt has changed, and how she finds motivation for her daily work.

But let’s take it step by step. Could you briefly introduce yourself? Where are you from, and how did you get into Spreadshirt?

How long have you been part of the company? Initially I am from the greater Berlin area. After I finished school, I first wanted to study design. So I went to Cologne to work as an intern for a marketing agency. I built my first websites there, and I got excited by the possibilities that I discovered. This is why I then studied Media Science in Furtwangen. Back then this was the only German university offering the programme with an online focus. And I’m still pretty happy with my change of tack. It’s what I like doing.
During my studies, I also had the opportunity to do a term in Finland. What a great experience! And later I wrote my final thesis at IBM in Hamburg. The topic was on product searches in online shops, and this is how i got into Spreadshirt. But first I stayed in Hamburg for another 3 years. There I worked for an agency involved with company communication at their online department. After that I came to Spreadshirt. And I’m still here today :-)

Like you said, you are a Product Owner. What exactly is your job? And do you find it difficult to explain what you do over a pint in the pub? continue reading ‘Meet A Spreader: Product Owner Mareike Goedemann’

Fit for the Olympics – This is what you need to bear in mind for your designs

February the 6th will mark the beginning of the Olympic Winter Games, and with it the start of a year packed with major sports events. This should be reason enough to include a few sporty designs in your shop and/or the Spreadshirt Marketplace, we think.

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Merry Christmas!

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and an exciting New Year!
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