birthday Milestone Birthdays – rounding off the years on a T-shirt 27. March 2015 by Natalie Sontopski - Every birthday is an important one, but milestone birthdays are well worth celebrating. Turning 30, breaking 40 and pushing 50 are outstanding events in life when friends and family seize the occasion to give a … Read more
Markus_Kellner Meet a Spreadster – Markus Kellner 11. March 2015 by Natalie Sontopski - In today’s interview, we’re quizzing somebody who’s been playing an active part in Spreadshirt’s growing development over many years: Markus Kellner. He’s been in Spreadshirt’s production ever since the early days of the company, and … Read more
hoodie_products_men_hoodie What kind of movie is your life? 26. February 2015 by Natalie Sontopski - Wild car chases in the streets of Rome or San Francisco, glamorous parties in Hollywood mansions with pop stars and itchy noses, guarding the hobbits from orc attacks or seeking refuge in the rocky mountains … Read more

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Share if you care Share if you care – the new Facebook Sharing Tool 18. March 2015 by Leila - This is great news for shop partners. You can now share products and designs in a much improved way on Facebook. Check out how you can showcase your products seasoned to taste. Read on! The … Read more
The newly rearranged User Area The newly rearranged User Area 16. March 2015 by Leila - We’ve announced the forthcoming update of our user area, and today we are happy to show you what we’ve changed. The whole user area was subjected to a broad spring cleaning manoeuvre that had us … Read more
Offline Marketing for Shop Partners – 30% off with MOO Offline Marketing for Shop Partners – 30% off with MOO 5. March 2015 by Leila - Customer care is a vital element for sticking in your customers’ memories. Of course there is a lot you can do online such as sending subtle messages through Facebook or doing other online PR work, … Read more

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