Do It Yourself: Coat Hangar Christmas Tree

christmas tree DIY

A Sign of the Season

Close your eyes and picture a Christmas tree: the tinsel, the lights, the ornaments, the angel or star that sits on top… maybe even some fake snow or candy canes draped about. Now picture a fond or frustrating memory of watching a family member struggle with any or all of these decorations—heck, I’ve seen a few trees tip over in my time! It is always a half-sad, half-hilarious occurrence. Sometimes all of these decorations can be a little much—especially if you live in a small apartment of just don’t have the time and patience for such a big ordeal. Spreadshirt has got a terrific DIY solution that will not only save you time, space and frustration, but will look great, also.

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3 Easy Steps to Boost Valentine’s & Paddy’s Day


In February and March, two of the biggest occasions for you to crank up shop sales will emerge: Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. People all over the world keep looking for new ways to let their hearts speak on Valentine’s Day and wear something green on Paddy’s Day. This is where you come in. Read our quick 3-step guide to make both days a hit, and you’ll be in the money.

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Tips for successful PR work


Do you have a smashing idea, a recognisable design or a message that just needs spreading? Please let us know, we need to get things going! Just like any good story deserves to be told, any good idea should to be shared and promoted. The trick here is to generate curiosity with the right people. When it comes to PR, it’s important to have those people help you spread your ideas that can share them with your peer group. The best way to do this is often a subtle one, and establishing bonds of trust through media channels take some time. Good PR work requires a fair bit of research, listening to customer demands and sustainably establishing ties with them. Find out how and read on! continue reading ‘Tips for successful PR work’

Give the perfect gift – with new products and styles

new products spreadshirtGood times ahead for everyone looking for the perfect gift. No need buying the umpteenth pair of socks, and who needs a handheld electric mixer anyway? Land a number one on Christmas Day by adding a personal touch to custom gifts that comes straight from the heart. continue reading ‘Give the perfect gift – with new products and styles’

These 8 Christmas designs make the snow melt. Guaranteed!

There’s a host of designs that make trendy gear look great. That doesn’t necessarily imply a sweetly smiling Santa or a wreath of neatly arranged fir branches. We’ve rummaged around in our Marketplace for designs of a slightly different nature, and of course we’ve managed to root out quite a few. Here you can see a selection of those designs that we think can add to a more amplified Christmas feeling.

mütze spreadshirt

It’s in (or more rather ‘on’) the hat that increases your seasonal X factor. Whether you go skiing, for a walk with your folks or you nip down to the local: a hat to warm your ears and keep you safe from rain and snow is one of the more essential winter items of clothing. And you’d need to have a heart of stone not to melt at the sight of an über-cute snowflake…! continue reading ‘These 8 Christmas designs make the snow melt. Guaranteed!’

Shine bright like a diamond!


Every little princess loves the stuff that glitters and glams, and a bit of bling-bling does indeed add a hint of glamour to your clothing – and that’s not strictly for girls only. Stars like Selena Gomez and Lindsay Lohan take pride in sporting their glamour gear head to toe and fingernails to pigtails, so why not create your own glitzy items to shine out against the masses? continue reading ‘Shine bright like a diamond!’

Gift wrap it, please!

Gift wrap it, please!Let’s be honest – looking for the right gifts for friends and family can be quite a kill-joy. And when it comes to gift wrapping, what really takes the fun out of functionality is a wicked combination of a) lacking the patience and b) the dexterity to twiddle with wrapping paper, ribbons and scissors during a time when your ease turns cottage cheese in the frenzy of the pre-Christmas season. Enough of that! No more chequered gift paper with rosy ribbons and hastily applied scotchtape. We’re striking a blow for burritos, glasses and record sleeves! Our gift wrapping ideas are so smart that the lucky recipients will not want to open their gifts at all… continue reading ‘Gift wrap it, please!’

DIY – an Advent wreath


Advent is nigh, and you still haven’t got a lovingly adorned wreath to celebrate the occasion? Well, it’s actually quite easy do make one yourself, and it’s quite fun as well. The idea is to count down to Christmas with each Sunday preceding the big occasion, and to light a new candle for every new week of Advent. We’ve put together a nifty little manual to celebrate the advent season in a slightly different and somewhat more stylish way – with mugs. Here you can find out how!

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DIY Advent Calendar

DIY advent calendar

Handicraft is part and parcel of the time preceding Christmas – and Advent is nigh! A handmade Advent Calendar is a fantastic gift for a special person: think boy or girlfriend, mum or granddad. Or your best mate would be glad to get one as well. The beauty of it: people can look forward to receiving a little something every day in December, which serves as a constant reminder of your appreciation for this person. Find out more here!

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Create your own DIY apron with Laure

DIY Apron

From tape jam to shredding carrots: Last time around, Marion demonstrated how to put some music in your tank tops and bags, and today Laure from the I love DIY blog has a new surprise for you. With devotion to the saints of handy crafts, she demonstrates that an apron can indeed be a fashion icon. See for yourself how the kitchen can become an even hotter place by applying some simple DIY to a hugely underestimated fashion accessory: continue reading ‘Create your own DIY apron with Laure’

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