Our new magic trio: Mouse pad, coaster & mug

New Products October

You gotta celebrate when you have the chance. Autumn is the time when you retreat to your cosy little home, and it’s even nicer if you have people around. A great occasion to brush up on your table decoration: nothing says “it’s well cosy round here” like your next favourite personalised mug! We’d like to introduce a few items here to make the chats over cups of tea and coffee more fun, and there are a few other items that can help create a congenial atmosphere for people to enjoy.

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Trending topics – our TOP searches and bestseller

Trending topics – our TOP searches and bestseller


It’s always nice to know what’s doing well in Spreadshirt’s Marketplace, particularly if you want to use this information to get your shop in line with what people are looking for. That’s why we’re having an ear on the tracks for you, and here on the blog you can find out what’s hot and what’s not. continue reading ‘Trending topics – our TOP searches and bestseller’

C’est la music – DIY the French way

DIY Tutorial

It’s hand-made, it’s different, it’s French. Sounds like something you could like? Then read on! Our French blogger Marion will inspire you with her little tutorial on how to make something refreshingly different out of a few ordinary objects. On her “Blog de la Dame Moustache“, Marion introduces slightly wacko ideas to inspire folks to sew and tinker. Today she’s gonna show us how to turn an old tank top or tote bag into a piece of artistic DIY clothing, including a good old tape-jam.

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What does the fox say? Tag your designs properly

What does the fox say? Tag your designs properly


What words do you spontaneously associate with the term “fox”? Reynard, auburn pelt, silver fox, foxy lady or even hipster pet? In a similar fashion, you can create tags for a design when uploading it. Upon confirmation to clear it for Spreadshirt’s Marketplace, you can make sure that others find your design when personalising products in the T-Shirt Designer, or when looking for products in the Marketplace. By means of adding the right tags, you help folks find your design when they enter a search term. In this blog post, we will shed light on how you can help customers and search engines find your designs. Read on!

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Top 5 Shop Partner Solutions for Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Shop Partner Solutions for Social Media Marketing

Far from being the latest invention, Social Media Marketing has long established itself in the world of eCommerce. Reputable companies offer the position of Social Media Managers, and these steer their marketing activities into new sales territory on social networks. There are, however, different overall aims and approaches depending on the objective.
We’ve put together a few basic tips to get the foundation for building up your successful media world in place.  
Here we go!


  • Choose your platform

    There are a plethora of online social networks out there in the world wide wilderness. Facebook is by far the biggest player, and then there are your popular allies Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a good idea to limit your activities to one or two channels initially, and utilizing Facebook would surely seem like the first thing to aim for. Then again there are some of our partners like Min Resa Räknas who provide proof for a chance to hit it big with “smaller“ networks. Min Resa Räken’s bodybuilding designs do very well on Instagram with some 11,000 follower eagerly receiving updates from the Swedish think tank on a regular basis!
When joining a network, you should be sure to register your own “company page“ (as it is obligatory with Facebook) to avoid the notion that you could register a private profile.

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Meet A Spreadster – Hannes Döring

Meet A Spreadster – Hannes Döring

Hannes is one of the first guys who were employed by Lukasz Gadowski, which means that he joined Spreadshirt shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Consequently, Hannes is “Head of Asset Management” today. Find out what his devotion to Spreadshirt is all about, and have him fill you in on the most successful Spreadshirt designs.

Hannes_Foto klein
Let’s start with a classic: Who are you, Hannes?
That’s a tough one! I’m a 30-year old Leipziger.

Leipzig born and bread?
Yes, I was born and raised in this lovely place. Leipzig is a great place for studying, living and working. Having seen many German cities and towns all over Germany during my time with the army, I was convinced that Leipzig is a choice place to live. That’s why I moved back here in 2004. That’s when Spreadshirt were looking for a graphics designer. The add just said “Designer wanted”, nothing else. So I applied for the job, and Lukasz called me the next day to ask me when he could meet me. I talked to him, and the next day I started to work for Spreadshirt. continue reading ‘Meet A Spreadster – Hannes Döring’

We’re putting the Use in User!

We’re putting the Use in User!


We’ve asked a Swedish shop partner how he brings the best out of people, physically and mentally. Read up on our very insightful chat with MRR on the blog! continue reading ‘We’re putting the Use in User!’

Reaching out...

Reaching out…


…to Australia and Switzerland

We’re expanding our global reach! Spreadshirt has now added to new domains – Australia (spreadshirt.com.au) and Switzerland (spreadshirt.ch) – to our ever-growing collection of domains. So the alpinists and kangaroos have their own websites now, which means that our total number of domains has increased to 21. Here you can see all our Spreadshirt domains at a glance.

What does that mean for the Ozzies and Swiss? Well, for a start you can now pay in dollars and francs, which is cool since you don’t need to convert the prices of every single product anymore. And in Switzerland people will be happy to select a language of their choice on the new .CH domain – the vernaculars have been localised to offer German, French and Italian to the Swiss. continue reading ‘Reaching out…’

The next Sporting Ace?

The next Sporting Ace?

new products august

Athletes know it, hobby jocks know it and scientists hav supplied proof galore: Sporty people are happier! Summer is of course the perfect season to practice sports, but there is still ample opportunity to do sports on colder days as well. And since a powerful workout doesn’t go without perspiration, it’s a good idea to be suitably dressed.
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Oktoberfest - The Bavarian Fun Fair

Oktoberfest – The Bavarian Fun Fair


The Bavarian Funfair

Munich’s world-famous annual beer fest gives visitors the chance to indulge in drinking Mass Beer (a 1-litre jar of strong beer) and eating sauerkraut, pretzels and roast pork. Sounds like a world of fun when you can wear lederhosen and dirndls to blend in with the indigenous folks while merrily swaying in tune with Bavarian brass music and thousands of international visitors. The festival culminates in a big climax of gun-salutes on the steps of the Bavaria monument, marking an end to a marvelous time of 16 days of inebriated debauchery. continue reading ‘Oktoberfest – The Bavarian Fun Fair’

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