Oktoberfest - The Bavarian Fun Fair

Oktoberfest – The Bavarian Fun Fair


The Bavarian Funfair

Munich’s world-famous annual beer fest gives visitors the chance to indulge in drinking Mass Beer (a 1-litre jar of strong beer) and eating sauerkraut, pretzels and roast pork. Sounds like a world of fun when you can wear lederhosen and dirndls to blend in with the indigenous folks while merrily swaying in tune with Bavarian brass music and thousands of international visitors. The festival culminates in a big climax of gun-salutes on the steps of the Bavaria monument, marking an end to a marvelous time of 16 days of inebriated debauchery. continue reading ‘Oktoberfest – The Bavarian Fun Fair’

Give your Boss a warm Embrace

Give your Boss a warm Embrace

Hug your boss
When did you last hug your boss? Err…hem…hawk…harrumph… Like, never? Fortunately there’s “Hug Your Boss Day” on 22 August. Perfect occasion for a first time.
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AdWords – Tips for Shop Partners

AdWords – Tips for Shop Partners


A few weeks ago, we delved into the world of Search Engine Optimisation with our short 3-part newsletter excursion. We did this as we are keen on helping you improve your Google ranking, and today we’re going to introduce yet another way to improve your positioning in Google’s hit list. Next to organic ways to generate more traffic for your shop or site, Google AdWords is another way to generate traffic.

The term AdWords itself is obviously a blend of the terms averts and words. And it perfectly encapsulates what it is about: running an advertisement whenever a certain word combination is googled. These adverts are shown above, next to and under the search list resulting from the user’s search request. You decide when to run the advert. As opposed to SEO, the main advantage here is that you can run the ad immediately without having to wait and hope that somebody googles your shop. continue reading ‘AdWords – Tips for Shop Partners’

Gift ideas for a better school start

Gift ideas for a better school start


School is still out for the summer, and the kids are enjoying the holidays. This is the time when retailers prepare for the new season as more and more people ponder what gift to get for a first-former, grammar pupil or university college student. The big questions are: what are people looking for, and how can you jump the band-wagon and turn the start of the new school year into a success for you? continue reading ‘Gift ideas for a better school start’

Are you the gym type?

Gymn Shirts

People who manage to go to the gym on a regular basis usually are what you’d call “well fit”, and who wouldn’t want to be in good shape? So it’s hard to tell why we don’t all go. If I’m honest for a minute, I’d have to say that I’ve tried going to the gym regularly after joining one a few years ago.

I made the best of the first 4 or 5 weeks of my 18 months contract, and just when I thought I’d settled in a sporty rhythm something mysterious started to happen: almost every time I wanted to go to the gym, something else came up. It was as if I’d I totally jinxed myself and my sporty endeavours!
Needless to say that I stopped going completely after a while, and my guilty conscience weighed me down every time my account statement showed me the costs of the monthly fee.

Finding the right thing for you

Earlier this year I’ve joined another gym, and this time I got into the gym groove, which can be a very infectious rhythm! And it’s not because everybody is naked – the Greek word gymnasium means “school for naked exercise” – I just learnt to appreciate the variety, and I concentrate on the things that I like.
In the times of ancient Greece, a gymnasium was a place for the physical education of young men. This included gymnastics and all types of different exercises which were performed naked. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it was very popular in those days as the old gyms also had a spa, and it was a welcome diversion from studying or military service.

The good stuff

Today, a good gym may offer a great diversity of facilities including running paths, swimming pools, squash courts, tanning beds and saunas. And, of course, a well equipped work-out area should always be part of a good gym, but for me it’s two other things that make my days at the gym a truly enjoyable experience: boxing and aerobics.
What may sound like an unlikely combination at first glance actually turns out to be a pretty smart and holistic programme. Boxing requires a certain amount of physical strength that can be worked on by means of strength training.
If you see a gym from the inside about 3 times a week, you’ll build up some muscle by doing sets of 20-30 minutes each time you go. And doing aerobics will give you the fitness needed for doing 3 times 3 minutes of sparring. You may say that 9 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but you’ll feel like a hero once you manage to pull through such a session without feeling ultimately beat!

Just do it!

So my tip would be to look for a gym with lots of group exercise classes on offer. Aqua aerobics is becoming very popular, and a great way to train a variety of muscels. It’s more fun when you can do stuff in a group, and it’s motivating to do these classes with others. Next to aerobics, you can also do yoga, Taiji Quan (shadowboxing), pilates and other spin-cycle exercises.

What to wear

In the gym, you’re mostly faced with the same gear by the 3 or 4 big fitness brands. It’s really nice to stand out from the crowd with personalised gear, check out our gym T-shirts for inspiration. Of course you can create other custom products as well, like shorts, breathable T-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies. Put a bit of fun into your work-out gear with our funny gym T-shirts and make your fellow trainees smile – your workout will go as easy as the ABC.

The story behind... I Love NY

The story behind… I Love NY


One of the most popular designs at Spreadshirt – and in the whole world – is a design that has been around for a few decades already: the I ♥ Design. Here you can find out why it is so popular, and we’ll shed light on how it all started.

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SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization

SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization


This is the final part in our 3-part mini sequel on how to make your shop googleable.  In our previous 2 blog posts (SEO tips part 1 and 2), we explained why optimising your shop or website’s content should be improved in terms of meta data and external links. We want Auntie Google to push you up the ranking ladder, so keep reading!

Search engines like Google like everything that buzzes and makes a lot of noise on the Web. Google’s new algorithm – Hummingbird – was released in September 2013. Ever since one thing has become more important than anything else: ENGAGEMENT. What this means for you? Create content that users can interact with, particularly by sharing it and talking about it on other Web platforms. So make sure that whatever you offer is bound to make some noise. Here’s how to bang the drums: continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization’

Sunshine in a bag - new products are coming on

Sunshine in a bag – new products are coming on


In July! Keeping your cool in the hot, hot sun ain’t that easy, but: our new tank tops – by Bella – are just as light as the summer breeze these days. Create your personalised summer look, and choose from a big range of colours. We’ve just added a few neon colours like neon pink, mint, red marble, blue marble and grey marble.  Tank top the summer!

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The Art of Tinkering  Pimp your Tank Top

The Art of Tinkering Pimp your Tank Top


Right in line with the current discount campaign on our homepage (only until 22nd July 2014), we have put together a few creative ideas for you here. If you like doing handicrafts, a personalised tank top can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Or do you feel like I do? Maybe you )(like me) still have this tank top from THE holiday that evokes heaps of great memories. And you’ve long stopped wearing it. The DIY tips here show, how you can turn your old tank top into something extraordinary.

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SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop's search engine reputation?

SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop’s search engine reputation?


There was once a time when Google peered through rose-coloured glasses. Everything out there on the web seemed just awesome. Google would just love every word and every link that could be found online. The colour of these glasses has changed, unfortunately, from rose to black. continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop’s search engine reputation?’

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