Create your DIY pillow case with Life Style blogger Cristal

After Astrid’s pearl-studded sweater, we’re introducing Cristal’s great home decoration idea today. Adopted from her French blog “Autour du Dressing”, we’re getting stylish insights into easy home improvement.

Customize your own pillow cases

Cristal has chosen one of Spreadshirt’s cloud designs as a basis. Around the grey raindrops, the colourful embroidery lends a cheerful 3D effect to the design.

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User Area Update


May is the time when many of us do some much needed spring cleaning. And since we always crave to be one step ahead, we’ve done our bit of cleaning already: the user area has been around for a while and become somewhat hard to navigate. That’s why we’ve been working on an update, and over the next two weeks, we’ll be implementing a few changes as far as the arrangement of sections is concerned. Next to receiving an updated structure, we’ll introduce a few new and informative terms. The changes should take a approximately two weeks to implement. continue reading ‘User Area Update’

What kind of movie is your life?

Wild car chases in the streets of Rome or San Francisco, glamorous parties in Hollywood mansions with pop stars and itchy noses, guarding the hobbits from orc attacks or seeking refuge in the rocky mountains with an old typewriter and bowie knife? If any of these ideas should tickle your fancy, you should lean back in your cinema seat, nibble on some popcorn and watch your life as a movie…

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Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot for Valentine’s Day at Spreadshirt

Behind the Scenes Spreadshirt

Ever since Tyra Banks provided us with a deeper insight into the nature of top models, the whole world is well aware of how tough it is to make it in this business. Good looks and what you’d generally call “talent” just isn’t enough. Next to shedding a few tears and undiluted pearls of sweat, it takes a lot of stamina to exude glamour in an aloof and adorable way. “Never dull your shine for somebody else,” we hear her say…
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Interview: Spreadshirt CEO Phil Rooke talks about media competence

Schau hin

The e-commerce platform Spreadshirt has just started to endorse the media guide SCHAU HIN! The collaboration started in September 2014 with a stall at the World Children´s Day event in Berlin. In today’s interview, Spreadshirt’s CEO Philip Rooke delivers his views on the cooperation as a whole, expressed his desire to bring more media competence to families and illustrates how to deal with personal information online. continue reading ‘Interview: Spreadshirt CEO Phil Rooke talks about media competence’

New Premium Advantages – Designer-Shops and more


Everyone running a Spreadshirt shop can now use the full functionality that has so far been reserved to Premium accounts. Have you been able to acquaint yourself with the new advantages for your shop? We’ve put together a little hotlist that neatly summarises all the features and advantages you can now derive from the added functionality. You’re just a few steps away from better sales.
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Sales trends – Popular Products in Season


Trends come and go. Some fashion fads are as short lived as a summer holiday fling, others hang about like a persistent stain for years. And then there are the all time classics like T-shirts, hoodies and aprons that our customers always tend to appreciate. In our latest blog post we shed light on which goodies rock the seasons, so here’s an insightful gateway to improve your seasonal sales.
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3 Vital Tips for Successful Mother´s Day Sales

Mothers Day

Mum’s the word – prepare for 15 March, it’s your chance to sell. On this occasion, everyone is eager to express their affection for the one person that loves you like no other – mother. It’s a day for any good son or daughter to think of a little surprise to make her day. What better way to show a personal touch than with your designs or products from your shop? Here’s a 3 step guide to make Mother’s Day a success.
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DIY: Make little things count

DIY: Make little things count

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a divisive topic – “skimming off profit from emotions“, some might say, whereas others just whole-heartedly enjoy celebrating the love they share with their partner. Of course there’s a grain of truth in either side, and we think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean having to celebrate it at fancy restaurants while sipping champagne and slurping oysters. What counts comes from the heart, and we’ve packed a small bag of love that says what it should: it’s just so good to have you.

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DIY – Jazz it up with some pizzazz… by Sp4nk

Sweatshirt DIY

New year, new tutorial! We’ll be continuing our very popular DIY series in 2015 to provide you with creative ideas for getting the best out of your threads. Today it’s fashion expert Astrid who runs the Sp4nk blog, giving you a few insights in how to add a bit of glamour to a wintery jumper with pearls and an extra portion of magic. Get ready for this: continue reading ‘DIY – Jazz it up with some pizzazz… by Sp4nk’

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