The story behind... I Love NY

The story behind… I Love NY


One of the most popular designs at Spreadshirt – and in the whole world – is a design that has been around for a few decades already: the I ♥ Design. Here you can find out why it is so popular, and we’ll shed light on how it all started.

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SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization

SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization


This is the final part in our 3-part mini sequel on how to make your shop googleable.  In our previous 2 blog posts (SEO tips part 1 and 2), we explained why optimising your shop or website’s content should be improved in terms of meta data and external links. We want Auntie Google to push you up the ranking ladder, so keep reading!

Search engines like Google like everything that buzzes and makes a lot of noise on the Web. Google’s new algorithm – Hummingbird – was released in September 2013. Ever since one thing has become more important than anything else: ENGAGEMENT. What this means for you? Create content that users can interact with, particularly by sharing it and talking about it on other Web platforms. So make sure that whatever you offer is bound to make some noise. Here’s how to bang the drums: continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 3: Create engagement via Social Media Optimization’

Sunshine in a bag - new products are coming on

Sunshine in a bag – new products are coming on


In July! Keeping your cool in the hot, hot sun ain’t that easy, but: our new tank tops – by Bella – are just as light as the summer breeze these days. Create your personalised summer look, and choose from a big range of colours. We’ve just added a few neon colours like neon pink, mint, red marble, blue marble and grey marble.  Tank top the summer!

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The Art of Tinkering  Pimp your Tank Top

The Art of Tinkering Pimp your Tank Top


Right in line with the current discount campaign on our homepage (only until 22nd July 2014), we have put together a few creative ideas for you here. If you like doing handicrafts, a personalised tank top can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Or do you feel like I do? Maybe you )(like me) still have this tank top from THE holiday that evokes heaps of great memories. And you’ve long stopped wearing it. The DIY tips here show, how you can turn your old tank top into something extraordinary.

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SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop's search engine reputation?

SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop’s search engine reputation?


There was once a time when Google peered through rose-coloured glasses. Everything out there on the web seemed just awesome. Google would just love every word and every link that could be found online. The colour of these glasses has changed, unfortunately, from rose to black. continue reading ‘SEO Tips Part 2: How can you improve your shop’s search engine reputation?’

Trend Report: The T-shirt’s a Berliner

Trend Report: The T-shirt’s a Berliner

Not only is Berlin a hot metropolitan location, it’s also the new international T-shirt capital! People from no other capital order as many tees as Berliners. And this year’s International T-Shirt Day on 21 June provided the occasion for us to check out some cotton stats. So we found out that Berlin is the place for people to personalise their tees, and these fun facts have surfaced as well:


Who would have thought that Luxembourg came second?

Well, at least we would have tipped a few other places to lead -   catwalks in London, Milan or New York come to mind, and not the fashion conscious streets of Luxembourg. And the city of fashion – Paris – only comes up in third. Well done, people of Luxembourg. It may give consolation to the Parisians that they are still ahead of: London, Rome and a quite few other places with a reputation for trend-setting fashion. Some big places didn’t even make the top 10. The best-seated non-European town is Washington DC in sixth place. continue reading ‘Trend Report: The T-shirt’s a Berliner’

Search Engine Optimization tips – part 1


SEO is super important for your  “googleability ”, and this is why our SEO team will give you precious SEO advise. SEO will help you optimise your shop so that search engines like Google can find you more easily and push your site ranking. Here it is important to focus on keywords that best describe your products. continue reading ‘Search Engine Optimization tips – part 1′

Let the scarf do the cheering

Let the scarf do the cheering


It’s taken four long years, and now we’re enjoying four weeks of sheer football bliss. The football world cup in Brazil is giving us ample opportunity to watch, hope and fear for the teams we want to win the cup.

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Bring colour to your fridge

Bring colour to your fridge


Creamy cappuccino, a fiery Chai latte or just black tea with a splash of milk? Your favourite hot brew finds a nicely personalised container in our brand new colourful mugs.

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Hen nights and stag do’s


Celebrating a hen party or stag night is a fun occasion for everyone involved. It’s a great excuse to get out and bid farewell to the bachelorhood of the lucky groom or bride. A stag weekend or hen night is the last time you can have your mate all yourself before the wedlock takes hold – so you just need to celebrate it in style. You see parties of hens and stags roaming the streets of far away towns with T-shirts and accessories designed to bid farewell to bachelorhood. We’ve put together a few great hen party accessories and stag slogan T-shirts to make your next bachelor(ette) party a complete success. continue reading ‘Hen nights and stag do’s’

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