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Spreadshirt unveils its first UK online video advertising campaign and new slogan

Spread it with Spreadshirt: First collaboration with creative agency Jung von Matt/Spree

London, 26 May 2015, Spreadshirt has today unveiled its first UK summer online video advertising campaign. The two twenty-second spots will focus on emotions and will introduce the company’s new slogan ‘Spread it with Spreadshirt’. The message: Anyone can spread and share their ideas, feelings and statements. The emotions are visualised using image sequences and text slots: SPREAD FUN, SPREAD LOVE, SPREAD MAGIC, and SPREAD ATTITUDE. The aim of the adverts is to create a distinctive brand message and to hone the company’s positioning with the new tagline playing on the brand’s name and the overall campaign concept.

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Hoodies, Tablets & Mobilegeddon: The Shift to Mobile Shopping

Mobile Shopping Habits Across Europe Revealed in Spreadshirt’s Trends Review

London, 19 May 2015, Spreadshirt’s Mobile Shopping Trends Review reveals that the British are more likely than the French or Germans to shop via their mobile on the site, price threshold is not a barrier as hoodies sales increase and avoiding mobilegeddon by optimising a site can shift shoppers to the mobile platform.

The print-on-demand, e-commerce platform for creating, sharing and selling ideas you can wear sees its European and UK markets buying hoodies, premium t-shirts and cotton bags via their mobile devices, following extensive mobile-optimisation of the site. Read more

Spreadshirt and Blown Away raising awareness through clothing

From trauma to triumph – Simon Harmer launches official Blown Away collection with Spreadshirt

London, 31 March 2015, Spreadshirt has today announced its newest UK shop partner, Blown Away. Blown Away is the creation of Simon Harmer, a motivational speaker and former medic injured during his service in the British Army, who uses humour in his designs and in life to raise awareness, motivate and inspire people.

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